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Be A Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher is an inspirational tale of hard work and belief that will help children embrace the mantra "that if you work hard in every way, your dreams can become reality." Teen author Jordan Davis-Wiley presents a magnificently illustrated heartfelt work for children of all ages that will empower youngsters to believe in, reach for, and catch, their dreams. Dreamcatcher is a wonderful tool for parents, teachers and educational leaders to enhance the social and emotional skills critical for children and young people of all ages.

Meet the Author

Jordan Davis-Wiley has gained recognition as a new and compelling voice for children through her first published work – Dreamcatcher.  In 2017 Jordan celebrated her 13th birthday following a stellar academic year focused on Pre-Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, World History, Advanced English and Elementary French, and deferred an invitation to participate in the National Junior Honor Society so she could devote equal focus to her artistic activities that include choral singing and piano.  She was awarded the Outstanding Youth Entrepreneur Award by the Black Chamber of Arizona, and unveiled Dreamcatcher through a national webinar with Jack and Jill of America.  Jordan is the eldest of her siblings and strives to be an exemplary role model for them and others by faithfully exhibiting kindness towards others.
Jordan has partnered with her parents in forming Nickel Berry Works, LLC; a family owned, and operated publishing company focused on the publication of children works written by children.  In 2018 she anticipates the release of her second work, A Mighty Tiger, and a third book that she has co-authored with her sister.

Meet The Author

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  • A beautifully written story written and conceptualized by a most amazing young lady. It's poignant, powerful message is brilliantly captured in the striking illustrations. This book is a must for every classroom.

    Paula Marinos, All Saints Episcopal Day School

  • Dreamcatcher sends a timeless message of inspiration and hope to all of its readers, young and not so young. The book subtly encourages the values of empowerment and perseverance and serves as a reminder for every reader about the necessity of both in making your dreams come true.

    Nicole Stanton, First Lady of Phoenix, Az.